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The Irresponsible President

Mitch McConnell recently stated how he thinks Obama should “step up to the plate” in the VA scandal. Earth to McConnell – this is Obama you are talking about. He will not…actually he refuses (that would be more precise) to … Continue reading

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Obama, Scandals, and Chicago Politics

With the continuing drama of the three scandals that are currently plaguing the Obama administration, one has to wonder why anyone is still surprised. Obama is a Chicago-style politician first and foremost. He learned how to be one as a … Continue reading

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Benghazi: Question and Obamaism — #2

Obama has said on many occasions that we would find out who committed the spontaneous mob act of terror and hold them accountable. Here is one example from September 12, 2012. (Notice how ABC reiterated the talking point about the … Continue reading

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