My MacArthur Moment

I am pleased to announce my return.

As I stated in an earlier post, I was having technological issues posting to my blog. This was followed by doing some writing for Western Journalism and then a job change.

However, I am armed with a new tablet and an internet connection. So, I will be posting again and look to grow my blog.



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Moving Day…

Sad to say, I am moving my blog to another location.

Computer issues on my work laptop have made posting to WordPress a virtual impossibility for anything beyond text — which takes all of the fun out of it.

I will leave this blog up and running (and if I can get an upgrade on my browser) in the hopes that I can return one day; but in the mean time, I will start posting here if you enjoyed what I wrote —

(See I can’t even do a hyperlink now.)

If you want to join me over there then use this link —

If not, feel free to “like” my articles or share them with whomever as you please.

Now, in the words of a great general, “I shall return!”


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Involuntary Vacation

Have you ever had an involuntary vacation?

Well, that is what happened to me. I was forced to take an involuntary vacation because my computer locked up on me. Since it is a work laptop. I had to take it into the helpdesk — talk about an oxymoron — and they were soooo “helpful” in getting it fixed. Basically, they ended up re-imaging my laptop when they couldn’t figure out another solution.

In the meantime, what does that mean for me? Well, for starters, I am stuck using Internet Explorer 8 with no ability to upgrade or no ability to download another browser such as Firefox which is what I had been using to post here.

WordPress is not displaying properly. Right now, the only option of the formatting toolbar is spell check. The other buttons are there, but I have no idea of what they are until the alt tags display. The menus on the left side of the screen shift right regardless of the link I select.

So, I have to work on a solution to make it easy and semi-convenient to post. Bear with me and, in the words of that great actor (note sarcasm here) — “I’ll be back” to my normal posting schedule soon enough.

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie — As told by Democrats

With the recent bankruptcy filed by Detroit, I realized that it is a major city that has been run entirely by Democrats since 1962. So, what happens when the Democrats run a major U.S. city without substantive opposition?

I think that you will notice a disturbing trend (or two).

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Liberals, Racism, and America

In light of the Zimmerman verdict, liberals in America have once again played the overused race card. There are many examples of true racism such as:

  • Back in the mid-19th century when Democrats dressed up in white sheets, burning crosses, and lynching blacks.
  • Plessy v/s Ferguson
  • Emmitt Till being murdered for whistling at a white woman and the murderers being acquitted
  • Medgar Evers being assassinated

Those are examples of what real racism is. What we have today…not so much.

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