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Twas The Night Before A Liberal Christmas

‘Twas the night before a liberal Christmas, when all through the government subsidized house not a liberal was stirring, because the welfare checks hadn’t been mailed out.… The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint … Continue reading

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The Washington Redskins – Much Ado About Nothing

Once again, progressive liberal Democrats have turned their attention away from – Veterans dying from lack of government-provided healthcare A deteriorating economy where job creation, labor participation are at their lowest point since Carter Strained race relations that were supposed … Continue reading

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The Obamacare Bailout

It would seem appropriate that Obama, the bailout President, would make certain that his so-called “signature achievement” – Obamacare – would have every attempt to succeed. To provide you with a couple of well-documented examples – Obama has implemented unilateral … Continue reading

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The Irresponsible President

Mitch McConnell recently stated how he thinks Obama should “step up to the plate” in the VA scandal. Earth to McConnell – this is Obama you are talking about. He will not…actually he refuses (that would be more precise) to … Continue reading

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Sterling, Sam, and What’s Best for Business

The current hoopla, backlash, or sideshow carnival – depending on your personal perspective – surrounding Donald Sterling and Michael Sam is not what it is being portrayed as by the media.

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