The Washington Redskins – Much Ado About Nothing

Once again, progressive liberal Democrats have turned their attention away from –

  • Veterans dying from lack of government-provided healthcare
  • A deteriorating economy where job creation, labor participation are at their lowest point since Carter
  • Strained race relations that were supposed to be better under “the post-racial president”
  • The IRS targeting groups – at the behest of the President and Democrats – to silence all opposition
  • The DOJ refusing to enforce laws and suing states who do enforce the law
  • Spending billions on failed energy policies (green energy) while opposing ideas (Keystone, offshore drilling) that would provide jobs and energy here at home

To focus on the name of the Washington Redskins – a football team (and not even a good one at that). Half of the United States Senate sent a letter to the NFL calling for the team to change its name.

That is what Democrats want people to focus their attention on – a football team and not more pressing issues that actually impact millions of people. I briefly watched a portion of The Kelly File and saw a Native American on one of her panel discussions state that “Redskins is a dictionary-defined slur.”

So, I decided to look it up.

According to, the term “redskins” is –

noun Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive.

a North American Indian.

Notice the word “often.” That has a dramatic effect on the meaning of the word. Often clearly shows that the meaning of a word depends upon the context of its use. In and of itself – “redskins” is not a racist term. It is up to personal interpretation and to the context in which it is used. also included this definition –

an old-fashioned informal name, now considered taboo, for a Native American

[C17: so called because one particular tribe, the now extinct Beothuks of Newfoundland, painted themselves with red ochre]

So, according to the dictionary, it was an informal name and a description of a tribe that once “painted themselves red.” But is “now considered taboo” – yet once again, the racist connotations comes down to context.

The interesting part of this whole issue is that I have yet to find video of someone explaining exactly how this term is racist. I may have missed it, but I have yet to see anyone other than Harry Reid or someone claiming it is a dictionary-defined racist term actually explain the racist connotations.

Yet, Democrats want to focus your attention on a team where the people who are offended choose to be so. As Rachael Jenteal proved while testifying in the George Zimmerman trial, the use of the N-word is not racist by itself – it is the context in which it is used. She even provided examples of how it is not a racist term.

I challenge anyone to clearly demonstrate how “Washington Redskins” is racist. I challenge anyone to clearly demonstrate how referencing “The Redskins” football team is racist. It is a football team and nothing else.

Only one tribe in upstate New York, the lapdog media, and the Democrats think it is a racist term. The question have to ask – especially the Democrats – is “Why?”

For me – It is much ado about nothing. It is a sad attempt by Democrats to deflect from their long list of failures.

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