Sterling, Sam, and What’s Best for Business

The current hoopla, backlash, or sideshow carnival – depending on your personal perspective – surrounding Donald Sterling and Michael Sam is not what it is being portrayed as by the media.

Donald Sterling is being excoriated by the NBA because he had impacted the bottom line. Th

ere were talks – posturing would be more precise – that the players would boycott games if Sterling was not punished. The NBA was going to lose money. If Sterling remains the owner of the Clippers, the coach (Doc Rivers) said that he would have to think about whether he would stay as coach. There were “reports” that the Clippers’ players would walk away from the team. The NBA was going to lose money.


There is no outcry at comments by Larry Johnson, an executive with the New York Knicks, calling outright for an “all-black league.” He was not fired or fined. Players did not threaten to boycott. Al Sharpton did not say anything about it. Why? It has no impact on the bottom line.

Michael Sam is the other sideshow circus that the sports world is being subjugated to on a consistent basis. We have a 7th round draft pick conducting press conferences, getting his own reality series, and has one of the best-selling rookie jerseys.

Do you really think the Rams drafted Sam because he is a great player? No, he is a marketing bonanza. His sexuality is why he was drafted. His sexuality is why there are people, who had no interest in football, went out and bought his jersey. He

 is what is best for business. People need to realize that he is a sub-standard NFL player who did poorly in games against a quality opponent (which is what he would face each week in the NFL).

The reality is that people would have continued to go to NBA games. People are still going to be unhappy when Sam is cut or relegated to permanent benchwarmer status.

Why? It is what is best for business.

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