Zimmerman Verdict

As I wrote here, I truly expected Zimmerman to be convicted.

Then the trial began and the prosecution’s case imploded from the start, and that is when I thought he would actually be acquitted. However, once the manslaughter charge was added in right at the end — I knew he would be convicted of that if not 2nd degree murder.

The verdict came in — Zimmerman was found not guilty.

The liberal left is all in a tizzy over this as you can see from the following headlines —

Obviously, I could go forever. Liberals need to have a lesson in what justice is supposed to be.

Justice is blind. Justice is to be solely about the facts. Guilt is to be beyond a reasonable doubt. Was there reasonable doubt? Oh, most definitely!! The prosecution’s case imploded from the start and they created doubt for any dispassionate observer.

  • Forensic evidence that Trayvon’s shirt was hanging away from his body when he was shot. (This means he was leaning over George when he was shot.)
  • Eyewitness accounts of a lighter-skinned man being assaulted by a darker-skinned man.
  • Prosecution witnesses whose testimony worked for the defense.
  • Zimmerman being able to testify without cross-examination — thanks to the prosecution.
  • And the list could go on and on.

Was he guilty? I don’t know. But based on the evidence presented, any reasonable person would have to find him not guilty.

Liberals want justice because they believe that it is racism that fueled Zimmerman. Liberals cannot even be certain that it was not Trayvon who attacked Zimmerman first initiating the violent altercation. Yet, none of that matters. They will tell you that justice was not served, that black kids all over the country will be shot because this case has declared open season on them, and if they were still slaves — well Trayvon might still be alive.

Justice should not be fueled by emotion. If it is fueled by emotion — then it becomes vigilantism. Is that what liberals are for these days — vigilantism?

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