Repeal the Bill of Rights

As Joe Biden once said, “Everyday Americans do not care about their constitutional rights.”

Mark Dice, an author/activist, decided to see if Obama supporters were onboard with that by signing a petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights. He posted the following video on his YouTube channel

There should be a couple of things you should notice:

  • The whole time he is asking people to sign he is repeating “Repeal the Bill of Rights.”
  • Most of the time he talked about Obama, but even the one time he mentioned Bush started it — but Obama expanded it — the person still signed it.

So, Obama supporters were more than willing to give up their constitutionally guaranteed personal liberties just because some guy said that Obama wanted to repeal the Bill of Rights and move this country forward.

I wish I could say that this is an aberration, but there are so many more examples of where Obama supporters have no clue as to what Obama is actually doing.

This is such a sad statement when people become sheep and follow someone who is leading them to slaughter. Also, can a liberal — the intellectual elite — explain this lack of understanding?

(Note: I will update this post with more examples as I have the chance to locate them. Work is a little busy right now, but I will post them. Stay tuned.)

P.S. The one man who refused was a military veteran who knew that it was a constitutional right — and not because he just didn’t like Obama.

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4 Responses to Repeal the Bill of Rights

  1. Chris in VA says:

    For any liberal who reads this, I have made it possible for you to post anonymously. So, if you can explain this stupidity by your fellow Obama supporters, I would love to hear it.

    • Basharr says:

      You know there is a NY democrat that wanted to remove term limits so Obama could serve a third term., it is an example of how bad this country is becoming.

      • Chris in VA says:

        I saw that as well. The conspiracy theorists have been making that case for awhile now. Usually I would brush it off, but with Obama — who knows what the hell is going to happen anymore.

  2. Basharr says:

    I just posted on this as well. Totally unbelievable. such a depressing video.

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