The Feminization of Men

I must recount a couple of my own experiences to remind men of the insidious plot women are implementing to feminize men. It is something that all men have encountered and some have succumbed to.

Real men must unite to put an end to this plot!!


My son and I had our hair cut today. As I paid for the cuts, the stylist asked, “Would you like to buy “product?” Excuse me, but what the hell is “product?” After thinking about it for a few moments, I realized she was talking about hair spray, gel, mousse, and an array of “products” that filled up two floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the store.

As a real man, I do not need “product” to style my hair. Women use hair spray, or gel, or mousse (and an ever-increasing number of additional hair accessories) to style their hair. This usually involves an extended process where a woman takes, at a minimum, at least an hour and multiple re-dos to ensure that not a single hair is out of place.

Real men get a hair cut that requires no maintenance. At most, a real man will have one brush or a comb to maintain that style and that is pushing it. A real man will not have a Mason-Pearson brush (the Cadillac of brushes), a layering brush, a round brush for curling, a brush for thick, coarse hair, a brush for long, straight hair, a paddle brush, and a detangling brush which will allow women to create an ever-changing style to match their mood on a daily basis.(Check the bathroom — you will find at least four of these brushes if a woman uses that bathroom.)

Where have all the barbers gone? That is all a real man would need.


Fashion is a female construct. It is something they have created to provide them with some entertainment that does not require teams, balls, or officials. Real men would have been fine if women had left men alone — but women have made a conscientious effort to indoctrinate men that fashion is something that they must be concerned with.

I almost fell victim to this plot — “Real men wear pink.”

As a real man, I told the woman who tried to convince me that I would look good in pink that I would actually look at one. (A real man is not a liar.) When I held one in my hand, my stomach became immediately nauseous which reminded me that as a real man — I will never wear pink.

Case in point, look at this picture:

Charlie_Peprah_wearing_Softcup_shirt_smallWho actually looks good wearing pink? There are women reading this who will honestly tell you that the women in this picture look better in pink than the man.

Pink is for women and girls. Pink is a color that is feminine by its very nature. Any man who does not become physically ill at the thought of wearing pink should turn in his “man card” immediately.

There are so many other examples of how women are attempting to feminize men that I could fill an entire book with them. All real men need to share the wide variety of things they have encountered that try to feminize men to ensure that men do not fall victim to this plot.

As a REAL MAN shared his wisdom with me, I will share his words of wisdom with all men to ensure that are not feminized by women when presented with products to try or experiences to have.

What Would Humphrey Bogart Do?

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8 Responses to The Feminization of Men

  1. Basharr says:

    Classic….SKINNY JEANS, I see fake men wearing them and I want to hurl, what is wrong with these fake men? They want to look like females. Look up Deluth Trading Ball Room Jeans and the rest of their products. The last business on earth dedicated to the needs of real men. While they sell some things for women, look at the thought that goes into assuring real men’s needs and comfort while doing real man work. =).

    • Chris in VA says:

      Skinny Jeans — OMG!! That’s right. What could a man be thinking when he puts on his skinny jeans? I am going to ask the next man I see in his skinny jeans that very question. LMAO!!

  2. Outstanding observation Chris. I completely agree with you on all but (one) point. “Product” is something I require, only the products I use are ‘real man’ products, such as WD-40 and Corn huskers lotion. The feminazis have commandeered the word ‘product’ to mean feminine hair goo and spray and whatever…..NO it’s not, it’s anything that is for retail sale. Now, considering that you were discussing product with a ‘hair’ person, I’ll cut some slack, but please… of the world, stop being pussified by passive aggressive chicks who want you to be sensitive to their numerous emotions and often psychosomatic physical ailments…..for when you do…..the sex is over, and they seek ‘a real man’. Suddenly you are a girlfriend. Limbaugh calls these limp nerds….”the New Castrottie”. They are virtually 98% progressive, liberal democrats politically, often vegetarians, climate-phobes and anal beyond understanding….BUT, they do tend to cook well.

  3. fullmetalbeard says:

    My barber retired in his eiqhties a couple of years ago. He used to charge £3.50 ( ~$5) for a decent cut and started his career as a military barber in WW2. Compare and contrast with the “unisex” hairstylist 100 yards down the street which will charge £600 (~$800) for a “weave”.

    So we can see where the money is in hairdressing – feminise men and you can charge them women’s rates – giving them a cup of tea and a couple of celebrity gossip magazines to read as part of the package.

    One thing I would dispute a little – that it is women in general who are the root cause. I think it is partly commercial interests (” how can we get men to care enough to spend more on the kind of thins women spend most of their money on”), and partly modern liberalism – which is largely driven by the feminist agenda. But not all women are feminists, and indeed not all intelligent attractive women are feminists. My wife, who is as free-minded, intelligent, attractive and feminine as anyone could want would be extremely unimpressed if I came home in a pair of “skinny” jeans.

    I also dispute a little the – feminist – idea that men are insensitive. A lot of us are into fishing, tuning engines or computers, piloting aircraft, the list of “male” tasks which require sensitivity is endless.
    Same for “caring”. How many of us go out to work and contribute the majority if not all the finances required to keep a roof over a family’s head? The women who complain about men’s lack of caring and sensitivity seem to take entirely for granted what men do contribute and play down its importance.
    Feminism has hijacked all the positive human attributes and made them “feminine”. Unfortunately the media go along with that, and a lot ( but not all) women have drunk that Kool-Aid. So some men are left feeling inferior and think that progress is achieved by becoming “feminine”. Everything from so-called “metrosexuals” to so-called “transexuals” with every permutation and “orientation” inbetween.

    And another thing. Clothes fashion is largely designed by homosexual men. IMO that is why female fashion models look very unfeminine ( skinny, tall, almost breast and hipless) and why male fashions are overly feminine. It is what the male designers actually like.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just feel really bad that you’re stuck in such retrograde gender roles. I’m not being sarcastic or anything, this is something that’s a huge concern for me because it seems to be the main thing holding men back and it’s creating a vicious cycle of hurt and detention. For instance, did you know that a vast majority of violent crime victims are men, as are the perpetrators? But now that it seems times are a-changin’, and men can feel even slightly more comfortable/safe doing stereotypically feminine things, you want to shame them for it? That’s going backwards.

    • Chris in VA says:

      The funny thing I find here is that you choose to post anonymously. LOL. As such a staunch defender of the progressive emasculation of men, what are you concerned with? Offending someone? As for shaming them…what in the hell is your comment about? Trying to shame me for thinking that some guy who chooses to use more hair product than my wife or daughter is the way things are supposed to be…

      I don’t think so. At some point, you have to come to the realization that there are differences between the genders and there needs to be differences between the genders. And that is actually a good thing.

      • Jude says:

        It’s odd that it has me as anonymous. I usually put my name with these posts. Maybe i was feeling rushed that day. I’ll remember to put it this time.
        FYI, I am a man. I am not trying to “emasculate” us, as you put it, but I do want greater freedom of expression for us. My fear is that many men feel that they are not able to express themselves emotionally and that may lead to dysfunction on a larger societal scale. It’s certainly not healthy on a personal one. If you don’t feel like a particularly emotional or sensitive person yourself, that’s fine, but I know there are people who would like the stigma on sensitivity in general to be lifted, especially for men.
        Just trying to clarify my point. I get where you’re coming from and I certainly wasn’t trying to shame you, but I am concerned that this could push men who are nervous about showing their true feelings even further back into their shells, which would cut them further off from society (this is dangerous for men who have serious issues that need dealing with… did you know that, although women attempt suicide more often, men succeed at it more often?).
        While you don’t have to agree with me, I hope that we can at least find some common ground in that we both want what’s best for men.

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