Homosexuality, Racism, and Reality

With the recent Supreme Court decisions about gay marriage, the George Zimmerman Trial, and the Paula Deen fiasco, homosexuality and racism are currently all over the news.


The Supreme Court has recently ruled that gay marriages cannot be banned in California and that gay couples who are legally married cannot be denied federal benefits for married couples.

Liberals will tell you that this is a victory for marriage equality. (I would tell you that this is the first salvo in the war on the family.) That Americans have moved past sexuality and become more accepting of the gay lifestyle.

Nothing could be more devoid of reality than this liberal pipe dream.

People who oppose homosexuality do so for religious reasons. Christians love the person, but do not approve of the act. Muslims will kill the homosexual outright.

Do you think Muslims are going to change their mindset because of a court ruling? The answer is no. Their religion is based on violence when they are faced with opposition to their personal beliefs. So, gay couples living in a Muslim just isn’t going to happen.

Christians are more accepting of homosexuals and will not kill them outright; but they will not accept it as a normal lifestyle.

The reality here is that no law will change people’s beliefs about homosexuality. The outrage comes — especially for me — when liberals/gays try to force homosexuality onto others. Look at the following text from the Bill of Rights.

1st Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

By forcing homosexuality on others, liberals/gays are infringing on my right to freely exercise my Christian beliefs. I do not wish gays ill will, but they must respect my right to disagree with their lifestyle. They can live like they want (because that will be between them and God), but they cannot force me (or my children) to accept it as “normal.”

(Anyone remember the whole Chik-Fil-A debacle?) Did anyone change their viewpoint on homosexuality because of this? The answer is no.


However, liberals/gays lose themselves in their own delusions and engage in a total disconnect from reality by thinking everyone agrees with them. If they don’t, then they should be forced to do so.


Both the Zimmerman trial and the Paula Deen fiasco are fraught with racism.

After the case against Zimmerman has imploded (which I predicted here). The racism has reared its ugly head as people have declared that they will kill Zimmerman themself.

twitter image1 twitter image2
Source: The Blaze

Yet, there is no outcry from the liberal community denouncing this blatant display of racism. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two huge race profiteers, are not staging marches or appearing on television shows to decry the actions of these people.

Justice for Trayvon even if there is reasonable doubt — even if it means killing an innocent man. A legitimately rendered decision in a court of law will not change the minds of people who have said that they will kill Zimmerman if he is not convicted.

Liberals/Racist Blacks are so disconnected from reality because white on black racism is wrong, but black on white racism is fine. Case in point from the Zimmerman trial —


“Creepy ass cracker” is not a racial comment says the black woman about a white man. If that is not a sign of a disconnect from reality, then I don’t know what is.

The Paula Deen fiasco — supposedly based on the use of racial derogatory terms — is so clearly not legitimate. To use a liberal mindset, black people have the right to be offended because it is about them. Lisa Jackson, the woman bringing the suit against Deen, is white.

Yet, the media is in a frenzy to convict Deen of being a racist who must be punished. The fact that Jackson tried to extort money from Deen before going to the press means nothing. In a court of law, I think that would go to Jackson’s motive.

In her deposition, Jackson is quoted as saying the following in response to a line of questions

Deens’ attorney, Franklin, asked Jackson: “You have never heard Paula make a racist remark, have you?”

“Not heard it,” Jackson replied.

“You have never known Paula to discriminate against a person based on gender, have you?”

“I’m not aware.”

“And you have never known Paula to sexually harass anyone, have you?”

“Not me.”

(You can read Jackson’s entire deposition here.)

Yet Deen is the “criminal” here. Deen is the one who has lost her job with the Food Network, numerous endorsements. Deen’s business ventures will also suffer — meaning she will close them causing people to lose their jobs.

But Jackson is the one who lied here because she wanted money. It is also liberals who want to make an example of Deen even though she has done nothing wrong to this woman.

The illegitimacy of this lawsuit does not matter and shows yet another disconnect from reality for liberals. The truth is that if you use a racial term when someone is holding a gun to your head makes you a racist — well it does if you are a liberal.

Meanwhile, Deen supporters have rallied around her. She has two books that have shot to the top of the best seller list. Are these people racists? Liberals will tell you that they are. I would say that these people are tired of the crap they have had jammed down their throat.

Trying to force people to change their beliefs will not happen. True change does not happen from passage of laws, lawsuits, or liberal name calling.

Change happens from the inside out but that is a reality liberals cannot accept.

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