IRS Targeting of Liberal Groups?

I wake up this morning to numerous headlines claiming that IRS also subjected liberal/progressive groups to additional scrutiny is laughable at best — absolutely embarrassing at worst.

The concept of targeting denotes a specific focus on a person, person, or thing. This is accomplished through action — not placement on a list.

From The New York Times

The Democrats released a document of “lists” that has the word ‘progressive’ listed on it. If you scroll down, you will also see “Tea Party.” Now, do an additional comparison. On the list provided by the Democrats, there is no prescribed action for Progressive groups.

As for Tea Party groups —

Any cases should be sent to Group 7822. Liz Hofacre is coordinating. These cases are currently being coordinated with EOT.

But, you see what had happened…

So, from a political standpoint, the Democrats have proved that the Tea Party groups were subject to additional scrutiny by IRS directive. Then the real interesting thing here is that this group has been referred to as “a special track.”

What is so “special” about this track? Most of the information online presents this as Tea Party groups would be subject to a more thorough review than progressive groups.

Targeting requires action — not placement on a list. If liberal groups were “targeted”, why is it that none of them came forward when the IRS apologized for the inappropriate scrutiny of conservative groups?

There is a difference.

Why is that there are numerous conservative groups that are still waiting for a decision on their tax-exempt status? Conservative groups waited 27 months on average while liberal/progressive groups waited only nine months.

What about the questionnaires the IRS had conservative groups complete? Are the liberals saying that the intrusive questions being asked are actually appropriate?

A few examples showing the questions asked by the IRS —

Where are the questionnaires for the liberal groups? Oh wait, there isn’t any.

Then we have the incident of unapproved applications being released to ProPublica — a liberal group.  (The hyperlink is from ProPublica.)

(We made six of those public, after redacting their financial information, deeming that they were newsworthy.)

They would have lost their liberal card if they hadn’t posted some of the information.

Where are the posting from conservative groups showing the unapproved applications of liberal groups? Oh, wait — there isn’t any. (In case you don’t know — unapproved applications are not to be made public. Criminal activity took place here.)

So, this nonsense that liberal groups were “targeted” is so devoid of reality one has to ask what Obama has put in the media’s “kool-aid” today.

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