Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice, and the American Way have been replaced by ratings, racism, and celebrity.

There used to  be a saying that in America we are all “innocent until proven guilty.” To be honest, that statement does not necessarily apply anymore. The cases of George Zimmerman and the soon to be case against Aaron Hernandez are two examples of where the statement is no longer accurate.

Unless you have been living under a rock, George Zimmerman is on trial for killing Trayvon Martin. Basically, George — in his role as a neighborhood watch captain — killed Trayvon Martin in the middle of the night. George said that Trayvon attacked him and he killed him in self-defense which is allowed under Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

The media on the other hand has decided that George racially profiled Trayvon and assumed that he was up to something criminal, followed him, confronted him, and killed him without provocation.

Aaron Hernandez is the tight-end for the New England Patriots. He is currently being investigated as a possible suspect in a murder. Now, unlike Zimmerman, this case is new. Hernandez is still a possible suspect in the execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez is also the focus of a lawsuit where he allegedly shot a man who was in his car. There are also accounts of other incidents of when Hernandez was allegedly involved in other incidents where men were shot when he was a player at Florida.

One is an average man…the other is a celebrity. One has no known history of violence while the other has a long track record of being involved in violent altercations.

Which one do you know has already been found guilty?

Trayvon Martin was a black kid. Odin Lloyd was a black semi-pro football player. Yet, only one of these alleged suspects has had to hide in his own home in fear of being lynched.

The jury for the George Zimmerman trial has been seated. It is an all-female jury with five white women and one Hispanic woman. I can honestly say that trial will be a farce. Multiple news sources are airing gavel to gavel coverage of the trial and the outcome has already been decided.

Out of fear of riots and other violence, those six women will convict George Zimmerman despite the lack of hard evidence. Circumstance, innuendo, and excellent media reporting of racism, where there was no racism, have already tried him — and convicted him. If George manages to escape the death penalty should  be proof of the existence of God.

No one was there. No one saw what happened. There is no definitive accounting of what happened that night. Even the prosecution is hesitant to say anything. But I guarantee you the verdict is already in — if not, there will be rioting in the streets. You need to remind yourself of what happened when the media got a hold of this story in the first place. The marches, the protests, the calls for justice for an individual who was most certainly not “an angel.”

Do you really think that the outpouring of emotion for this young black child will not suddenly erupt when there is no “justice” for him?

A slight paraphrase of William Randolph Hearst — the media magnate, “you provide the murder, and I will provide the rioters.”

As for Aaron Hernandez, despite his long history of violence, he will be allowed to continue his life with minimal interference from the media. There are no reports of Lloyd being killed because of racism on the part of Hernandez. (Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic as well.) Hernandez, who has actually been accused of shooting multiple people, has not been depicted as violent, a vigilante, or saddled with any racist label that has been applied to George Zimmerman.

Why the difference?

Aaron Hernandez is a sports celebrity. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, Hernandez will not be convicted. I do expect him to be tried simply because there will be enough evidence to indict.

The justice system has become corrupted.

In the case of Zimmerman, the media has convicted a man and sentenced him to prison without a shred of proof or benefit of a trial. As for Hernandez, his celebrity status — and later his wealth if needed — will ensure his freedom regardless of actual guilt or innocence. (The truth be damned.)

Justice used to be blind — but now all you need is a good publicist or celebrity status.

That is the new American way.

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6 Responses to Truth, Justice, and the American Way

  1. Basharr says:

    Cases are now tried by the media and the baiters who draw attention and mutilate reality. Police should never be forced into making an arrest for fear of civil unrest. Zimmerman has been tried already and if by some strange chance he defies the odds and is found not guilty, I would be willing to bet there is a strong possibility we will witness civil unrest and a large scale. Nobody was concerned about right and wrong and justice, it was is and will remain about skin color. Thank the MSM for that.

    • Chris in VA says:

      That’s my point exactly. The case with circumstantial evidence will be found guilty (Zimmerman) while the other one will be found innocent (Hernandez) despite overwhelming evidence of guilt.

      • Basharr says:

        As came to light today the scrubbing of Trayvon’s girlfriends twitter account. One has to wonder why the account was cleaned and by who’s suggestion. If it was the prosecutor we could see a mistrial. Though the reality is nobody seems to care why the account was cleaned ( it should be noted one can never truly clean a twitter acct.)

        On Hernandez it seems like Ray Lewis all over again. I agree that he will likely skate on the charge, it is rather disgusting because if it was you or me completely different outcome, money goes a long way when you have that much money behind you. Team though was smart to drop him, he is and will be in the future a liability.

      • Chris in VA says:

        They scrubbed the account to erase Martin’s mentality when it came to race, but you are right — it is not truly erased.

        Hernandez is definitely Lewis all over again…and I do think he will skate as well. As for the NFL, I wish every team would treat him like a pariah — but alas, I doubt they all will.

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