America Declining? Thank the Liberals!

Have you heard the commonly pronounced generalization that America is not great anymore? The liberals will tell you that we are being held back by those who are afraid of progress while liberals are intent on making things better for us all. That got me thinking –

Exactly what have liberals done that has made America a better place for us all?


Progressive/liberal education started seeping its way into the schools since the early part of the 20th century and has expanded ever since. That expansion continued until it is now a commonly accepted fact that most educational institutions are dominated by liberals. As a former school teacher, I can attest to the fact that most, if not all, of my former co-workers were indeed liberals.

So, what did we get from this progress that liberals are so proud of?

A public school system that is so fundamentally flawed that we are now blaming –

  • Supposedly under-qualified teachers (who are mostly liberals by the way)
  • Low standards
  • Remediation that is so rampant that we have to hire “specialists” (who are mostly liberals too) – to help children who are underperforming – that are also performing at a lower level than the regular teacher.
  • Schools that used to teach all subjects now focusing on just reading and math in the hopes that students achieve some level of basic proficiency.
  • High-stakes standardized testing where the scoring of the test is done by the very politicians who implement the test. (One standardized test I had to administer required students to get 16 out of 42 questions correct to achieve grade-level proficiency in reading. That is roughly 42%.)

Yet, the students are still underperforming and we have fully implemented the liberal education system where self-esteem and sex education (starting in kindergarten) are more prevalent than academic success.

Liberal educators  have also advocated and implemented the concept of social promotion which is the idea that we damage the psyche of an underperforming student by holding him back in school. So find the nearest liberal and thank them because we have students who enter the real world unable to read, write, or put together a coherent thought — but have an entitlement mentality since they never had to work for anything.

Thanks to liberals we have the Common Core Standards, Outcome-Based Education, and Multiculturalism which focus on a small subset of topics as opposed to developing the necessary skills for students to be able to survive in the real world which requires a wide-range of academic, social, emotional, and interpersonal skills.

So, find your nearest liberal and thank them for the decline of the public school system.


Thanks to liberals — the breakdown of marriage began during the sexual revolution of the ’60’s and ’70’s. The new ” sexual enlightenment” that liberals purported at that time changed the view of marriages into something that is entirely unrealistic. Thanks to liberals — the divorce rate doubled and families suffered for it.

With the fight over “gay marriage”, one gay marriage liberal stated what her true intent was — the destruction of the institution of marriage altogether since the concept of “gay marriage” is a lie.

So, if the institution of marriage is destroyed — you can thank the liberals for that. Do realize that the family unit as a whole would be next.


Thanks to liberals — we now have children who are saturated with violence and sexual imagery due to movies, television, and video games to the point of being completely de-sensitized. (Remember Columbine — their main concern was about who would play them in the movie. Also, how many tragedies were “blamed” on movies that the perpetrator saw?)

Thanks to liberals — We have children who are  completely unable to interact with other people — despite Facebook, text messaging, and online gaming and the perception of perpetual interaction with others.  We have schools that limit interaction between children for fear of being sued by the parent — yet teach character education which focuses on interacting with others. (Oh, the irony.)

Thanks to liberals — We have children who are obese due to parents’ inability or unwillingness to ensure that their children exercise regularly. We have children who are obese, because schools are considering recess and physical education to be a waste of time.  The new standards in physical education focus more on movement — take that literally — than on the actual teaching of skills as well.

Personal Beliefs

Thanks to the liberals — you are not allowed to share your personal beliefs with anyone. You are not entitled to think that Islam is wrong because they batter women, kill homosexuals, commit “honor killings” of their own daughters, and teach their children that committing suicide attacks is an honorable action.

Thanks to the liberals — you are not allowed to teach abstinence until marriage. Not only should children engage in pre-marital sex, they should have unrestricted access to the “morning-after pill” without parental notification. They should also learn about sex from “under-qualified” public school teachers as opposed to their own parents.

Despite the fact that freedom of religion is a constitutional right, thanks to the liberals — we cannot say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter” even though both are international holidays celebrated around the world.

Thanks to the liberals — we are supposed to be ashamed of being Christian.

Personal Responsibility

Thanks to the liberals — personal responsibility is an antiquated notion that should be discarded. People are no longer responsible for their own successes, but should not be held accountable for their own failures.

Thanks to the liberals —

The workforce has shrunk by approximately 10 million people who have stopped looking for work with a consistently high unemployment rate. (Despite the numerous attempts at government intervention to “stimulate” the economy.)

The number of people on food stamps has skyrocketed since liberals have advertised that it should be a badge of honor — instead of a need. This includes advertising to illegal immigrants who don’t even qualify.

The number of people collecting disability is at an all-time high. (Liberals have to be extremely proud of this line — “Disability” would be the 8th most populous state in the country.)

The average median income of an American family has decreased under Obama. (You could also look here, here, and even the U.S. census said that it went down as well under Obama.)

Despite the false claim of healthcare for all at lower costs, the premiums for almost all Americans has gone up dramatically with access to healthcare now being cost-prohibitive. It still will not insure everyone and it is still not even fully implemented with an ever-increasing price tag. (There are too many examples to include links. Feel free to google it.)

So, I am waiting for anyone to tell me something that liberals have done in the last century that has actually made the world a better place. Because it is not happening in this country.

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2 Responses to America Declining? Thank the Liberals!

  1. lynn says:

    Well, you missed one about the kids….thanks to liberals girls as early as 8 and 10 years old will now be able to be have sex with anybody anytime and then go to Walgreens and get a pill to “make it go away”…without any parental approval whatsoever…

    The DOJ wanted this all along, they feigned insisting on insisting on an age requirement but late last night while all the other scandals are going on, they quietly released the details.

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