Immigration Reform — What We Really Need

I was watching Fox News this morning and saw Marco Rubio mention that his immigration reform bill was dead on arrival in the Senate. That was music to my ears.

The idea that we are supposed to reform our immigration system because there are 11 million illegal immigrants here is simply ludicrous. The problem with our immigration system is that it is not being enforced. The problem is that since we have allowed it to be overwhelmed by 11 million illegal immigrants; the only solution is to legalize them. That would be a huge mistake. We are the only country on the planet not forcing immigrants to assimilate into our culture. That is the problem — immigrants don’t have to become Americans, and liberals want to give them the rights of Americans.

The immigration system needs to be complex. It needs to be lengthy to ensure that those who are putting themselves through the process actually want to be Americans — not Mexicans living in America.

Immigrating to another country is to make a conscious decision that life in that country would be better than the life in one’s native country. Immigrating to another country meant giving up your heritage for a new one. You were no longer Mexican — you wanted to be American.

No more. 

Thanks to liberal political correctness — we encourage immigrants to exploit our society for jobs, welfare, housing assistance, etc.; and then repay us by attempting to commit mass murder at the Boston Marathon.

Thanks to liberal political correctness — we have students being suspended from school for wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it — and nothing else — in America because the school was celebrating Cinco de Mayo — which is not an American holiday by the way. Schools are now celebrating the heritage of other cultures and exalting it over our own and suspending students for not participating in those celebrations because it would offend the members of the other culture.

Thanks to liberal political correctness — we have allowed Muslim law to supersede our own laws in incidents involving Muslims. This is America — “honor killings” are murder; not a religious right of Muslim men.

That is not what immigration is supposed to be. The whole concept that we need to be accommodating is ridiculous. You want to be an American –Great! Now come here legally and be willing to do whatever time it takes to become one.

You want to be American — then learn to speak English.

You want to be American — then adhere to our customs, traditions, and laws.

You want to be an American — then be an American and not a Mexican-American or Muslim-American.

The immigration reform we really need is for it to be fully enforced for starters. We need it to be a complex, lengthy process. We need for it to be such that only the people who want to be Americans actually come here.

As for the 11 million illegals here, they get no pathway to citizenship. They need to be sent home — even if it means their American-born children go with them — and stand in the back of the line with the rest of the people who are trying to come here legally.  

That is the immigration reform we need — for the system that we had in place for about two centuries to actually be enforced. That would be the best thing for our American society.

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2 Responses to Immigration Reform — What We Really Need

  1. Chris in VA says:

    If one were to google any of the situations I described, they would find numerous examples of each. I would also mention that we have allowed our country to be invaded by Mexican drug cartels who have control over areas where our police will tell Americans that they cannot go. Again, google it.

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