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Homosexuality, Racism, and Reality

With the recent Supreme Court decisions about gay marriage, the George Zimmerman Trial, and the Paula Deen fiasco, homosexuality and racism are currently all over the news. Homosexuality The Supreme Court has recently ruled that gay marriages cannot be banned … Continue reading

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My Food Challenge

OK. If you ever took the time to search through your cable channels, you have probably come across a show starring Adam Richmond who attempted food challenges all across the country titled “Man v/s Food”. Well, last night, I attempted … Continue reading

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With today’s Supreme Court ruling, I thought I would post a poll asking for people’s opinion about it. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments. (I will add my own later.)

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IRS Targeting of Liberal Groups?

I wake up this morning to numerous headlines claiming that IRS also subjected liberal/progressive groups to additional scrutiny is laughable at best — absolutely embarrassing at worst. The concept of targeting denotes a specific focus on a person, person, or … Continue reading

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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice, and the American Way have been replaced by ratings, racism, and celebrity. There used to  be a saying that in America we are all “innocent until proven guilty.” To be honest, that statement does not necessarily apply anymore. … Continue reading

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