The Obama Fascists

Have you ever tried to legitimately criticize Barack Obama anywhere near a liberal? Raise some legitimate issue with the failure of the stimulus or wonder what the hell is going with the whole Benghazi episode.

The standard retorts usually come with some mention of you being a racist, ignorant, unintelligent, or a mindless zombie controlled by Fox News. Have you ever wondered why they are like that?

They are becoming fascists.

Devotion to a strong leader is one of the basic characteristics of fascism. (Remember the god-like worship of Hitler and Mussolini.) Their devotion to Obama is something I have never seen before in my lifetime. Reagan was loved by conservatives, some idolized him; but these people are maniacal in their cult-like worship of Obama. 

Upon his election, the indoctrination of children, who had no idea as to what was going on, began —

Numerous depictions of Obama as God started showing up as well. Newsweek portrayed Obama as Shiva — the Hindu God.

Obama is Shiva The Destroyer

Obama is Shiva The Destroyer

Another image that is commonly seen on the internet depicts the halo of a godly Obama —

Do they think Obama is God?

Do they think Obama is God?

That of course begs the obvious question — Do liberals think Obama is God? Well…listen carefully.

So, the only thing standing between these people and the fascists they want to claim that they are not — is the lack of a physically violent reaction to criticism of Obama. (But hey — that is what we have Occupy Wall Street for.)

Even Woody Allen thinks Obama should just name himself dictator — which is exactly what Hitler did after being elected chancellor.

Suppression of Criticism and Opposition

That is another common characteristic of a fascism. The intent here is that anyone who dares to criticise or oppose the leader (or in the case of Obama — god) will be silenced by any means necessary.

During the 2008 election, Obama walked onto Joe the Plumber’s yard and spoke to him. (Joe was just playing with his kid when this happened.) When Joe made Obama out to be the fool — the character assassination of Joe was fast and furious —

Media Matters‘ sole existence for being is smear/attack Fox News in any way, shape, or form because they have aired things that are critical of the president.

According to AlterNet, Herman Cain is a race traitor, the monkey in the window, and the performing minstrel for his masters — because he disagreed with Obama.

Does anyone remember this segment on the Rachel Maddow Show?

Notice her glee when she made all of the sexual references throughout her set-up as a way to mock the Tea Partiers — whose sole mistake was opposing increased taxes.

The shock and outrage of liberals over the speech by Ben Carson slamming Obamacare.

More recently — we have the AP phone records seizure and identifying James Rosen as being criminally liable for violating the Espionage Act, and the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups who were working to remove god…I mean Obama from office.

So many examples…so little time…

Primacy of The State

The veneration and primacy of the state are two more common characteristics of fascism.

How many times have liberals told you that government is the only mechanism for achieving anything in our society? How about this campaign video declaring that we are all property of the government?

Regimentation of Industry and Commerce

How many industries/businesses are now directly controlled by the government? Just a few examples —

  • Auto — Who owns the controlling share of GM?
  • Healthcare — Are we all not compelled to purchase insurance?
  • Student Loans — Who is the sole source of student loans now?
  • Obama made the pledge to run the coal industry out of business

What other industries does the Obama fascists have increasing control over? Energy, manufacturing, and so many more. He is attempting to take full control over the gun-making industry (or dry up the market by cornering the market on the possession of bullets).

As Obama has proudly proclaimed, the government is the sole reason for successful businesses.

Are they really Obama fascists?

So, as the fascist would gladly tell you — Being open to other points of view is stupid as we are always right all the time.

One of the last characteristics of fascism that I will discuss is the belief that this leader, this party will initiate a revolution within a country according to what they believe and we will all be better for it.

Is that not what Obama supporters believe?

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