Obama, Scandals, and Chicago Politics

With the continuing drama of the three scandals that are currently plaguing the Obama administration, one has to wonder why anyone is still surprised.

Obama is a Chicago-style politician first and foremost. He learned how to be one as a state senator and later as a U.S. senator from Illinois. (Basically, any politician from Illinois has to be a Chicago-style politician if he has any intent on being elected.) Chicago-style politics are brutal, punitive, and if necessary, deadly. Or as Valerie Jarrett put it —

After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.  Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over…

So, as for the scandals, the goal in Chicago-style politics is to make certain that Obama cannot be connected to them in any way, shape, or form.


As I had mentioned in another post, the most prevalent storyline at the time of the attack was that it was because of a video. With the lap-dog media aiding him at every turn, Obama lied consistently that is was the video.

When Romney pressed him for not labeling it what it was — a terrorist attack, Obama claimed that he did so the very next day. If you were to follow the timeline that I documented in that article, then you would see that Obama is actively pursuing a tactic of misdirection. As you can see in the video clip of the recent speech Obama made about the attack, he said it was a terrorist attack and about the video in the same speech.

What makes this scandal almost comical is some of the Obamaisms that have been put out for public consumption —

So, straight out of the Chicago playbook, we don’t need to know where Obama was or what he was doing when the four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. The man who said that “the buck stops with him” was not and is not actively involved in an attack on Americans.

Why is that? Why isn’t Obama the one leading the charge to protect Americans? Why did security failures for Americans happen again on his watch? These are questions that Obama does not want to answer. It is “old news”, “the investigation is over”, “Benghazi happened a long time ago”, etc. Yet…

  • We didn’t hear from the “whistleblowers” for months after the attack.
  • We didn’t have the documentation released until just recently and we still don’t have access to it all.
  • We haven’t heard from all of the key players (David Petraeus/CIA, General Carter Ham/AFRICOM) who would have vital knowledge as to what was going on in Benghazi that night.

Well, PJ Media has posted an article that additional whistleblowers will be coming forward shortly. This article is entirely speculative at this point (which they admit), but the likelihood of a pre-emptive character assassination coming from Obama is definitely keeping with the “Chicago way.”

Fox News Records Seizures 

As the “mob boss”, Obama must know what everyone who would dare to challenge him is doing or saying to ensure that he maintains his grip on power. So, Obama went after the reporters who may possibly challenge him.

They even went after the James Rosen’s parents. Obama is threatening his opponents into silence. (How does the old movie line go? — I’ll kill you and your whole family too!) 

One has to wonder “How much news has the Obama Administration successfully suppressed” through thinly veiled threats.


Another facet of Chicago politics is intimidation. Ensure the compliance of those who opposed through sheer, unadulterated intimidation. However, unlike the glory days of Al Capone, Obama has to do it in a more subtle way without it being connected directly to him.

As stated in The Wall Street Journal, Obama started calling for the closer scrutinization of conservative groups — in particular Tea Party groups — just prior to the mid-term elections. Even implying that these groups are illegal —

“All around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates . . . And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are. You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.”

Just like Al Capone, Obama sent his “henchmen” – a.k.a. Democratic senators — to tell the IRS what they better do.

IRS regulations have long maintained that political campaign activity by a 501(c)(4) entity must not be the “primary purpose” of the organization…But we think the existing IRS regulations run afoul of the law since they only require social welfare activities to be the ‘primary purpose’ of a nonprofit when the Code says this must be its ‘exclusive’ purpose. 

Carl Levin called out specific organizations for further scrutiny by the IRS.

“The IRS needs to immediately review the activities of…”

  • NewMajorityAgenda.org  (cited in an example of a social organization running a political ad)
  • Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies
  • Americans Elect
  • American Action Network
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • American Future Fund
  • Americans for Tax Reform
  • 60 Plus Association
  • Patriot Majority USA
  • Club for Growth
  • Citizens for a Working America, Inc
  • Susan B. Anthony List

And like any good henchman, they will go to jail before they will “rat” on Obama.

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2 Responses to Obama, Scandals, and Chicago Politics

  1. Chris in VA says:

    Just for another example of how prevalent this culture of corruption is — http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324659404578501411510635312.html?mod=opinion_newsreel.

    This started with Candidate Obama.

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