A British Liberal and the London Attack

As I had mentioned on my About Me page, I used to do some writing for a website called Newsvine. A rather casual perusal of the site will clearly show you that this is a website with a definite liberal leaning. (Or if you noticed that it is a subsidiary of MSNBC; then you will know for certain that it is a liberal website.)

I was sent a link to an article written by an individual who is from Britain. She makes no bones about it as she has been frequently “harassed” about it – if you were to listen to her. You can view the articles she has posted to her column here – doing so will link you to a who’s who among all of the liberal websites you would find here in the U.S. So, in case you haven’t figured it out, she is a bona fide liberal. (This is someone who I have encountered before when I was a member of that site.)

But her latest creation is what caught my interest – the article is titled Should you intervene in a violent situation? A few quotes from the article –

“…However one of the stand out moments for me in the entire story was the intervention of a stranger.  A middle class middle age woman stood up to a machete wielding mad man…”

“…In interviews afterwards she has stated that she was not scared.  Better that she intervene than a child being hurt…” 

Now, for me, the woman who confronted the Islamic terrorist wielding the machete is a hero. What she did may have saved lives of numerous other people. But, let’s get back to the liberal mindset of this British individual.

“…I may think it a good idea (although probably not to be honest)…” [Emphasis added]

If you were to read the article, she is talking about intervening in the situation where she would be confronted by the Islamic terrorist. I will agree with one thing she wrote – the woman who did displayed a lot of courage to do so. But, if you were to continue reading what she wrote or in the comments section, she never writes that she would even bother calling the police to aid the individual who was being murdered. She wrote nothing that would even say she would want these Islamic terrorists to even be held accountable.

Is that the value of life for British liberals? You can’t even be bothered to call the police?!! I mean with all of the “benefits” you get from the government you wouldn’t do that – or is it that you don’t want offend the Islamic terrorists?

I hope there is some semblance of humanity left in them, but then I think about their support for abortion and realize that they may be a lost cause.

This is why I consider liberalism a certifiable mental disorder  — because they can not even be bothered to call the police when they see a murder happening before them.

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