The Protected Classes of Liberals

RGIII posted the following tweet onto his account just recently —

“In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness”

He was criticized, crucified, and harangued by liberals into having to educate the so-called intellectual elite on the other meaning of tyranny. What we all need to realize that he was indeed correct in his statement.

We are being held hostage by liberals and their “protected classes” of people.

Liberals wants us to be so sensitive to their whims that they have deemed the following groups (listed in no order of importance) to be above reproach —

  • Homosexuals
  • Illegal Immigrants
  • Muslims
  • Union workers
  • Violent/Destructive Protestors (OWS, Communist/Socialists)

And this is not a comprehensive list.


Have you ever told anyone that you think homosexuality is wrong? What type of response did you get? If you are like most people, you were verbally abused by the people who had to put up with your insensitivity.

Your rights end when they are forced to hear you, but their rights extend into every facet of your life because they know “better” than you. So, you must accept homosexuality — or be labeled a homophobe for the rest of your life.

However, liberals do not want to discuss that sexual harrassment is supposed to not occur in the workplace. Yet, not only is homosexuality allowed in the workplace — its introduction is encouraged. Jason Collins or the purported mass coming out of four NFL players ring a bell?

Sensitivity training is being mandated in numerous companies, sports teams, etc. to ensure that we do not offend homosexuals and that we learn to accept it as an alternative lifestyle. And if that wasn’t enough, it is being taught in the schools against the wishes of parents who don’t want their children to learn about sex — much less homosexuality — as early as kindergarten. 

Yet, liberals lecture everyone while they advocate the violation of numerous laws and regulations.

Illegal Immigrants

Speaking of violating laws, the illegal immigrant is another “protected class” of liberals. Liberals want to treat foriegn criminals better than actual American criminals.

Illegal immigrants have violated our immigration laws, stolen jobs from Americans, and sapped social services that were intended to help Americans. Yet, liberals wants to amnesty 11 million criminals at a potential cost of $6 trillion.

We now have to celebrate their holidays. (How many Cinco De Mayo commercials did you see?) Heaven help you if you have the nerve to wear an American flag on your t-shirt during the celebration of a Mexican holidaywhile in America.  

We have to accommodate their unwillingness to even attempt to learn the English language. Why do I need to press 1 for English? Shouldn’t we all be speaking the same language?

Don’t forget that the Boston bombers with known terrorist ties received welfare checks — all thanks to liberals.

But liberals want us to overlook the fact that illegal immigrants don’t want to be actual Americans — they just want our jobs, welfare checks, and — according to Obama — free healthcare.


I would definitely say this one is actually the one liberals try to protect the most.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, there was a general attitude amongst liberals that their religion played no part in their motivation. They even went as far as trying to create a false equivalency between that bombing and other events.

Yet, once again, they seem to forget that it is only Islam that encourages violence (including murder) against non-believers — not to mention other Muslims. It is only Islam that absolves believers of lying if they are doing it in the name of jihad. In fact, it is only Islam that encourages — if not  mandates — war against other people.

But liberals don’t want to talk about that. They don’t want to talk about homosexuals, disobedient wives, or children who would be killed if it suits the male Muslim. Muslims are peaceful people.


Unions are probably the oldest of the “protected” classes of liberals anywhere. It is the union worker who has done more for the average working American than anyone else.

If one were to believe a liberal.

  • The problem is that it was the union that forced Hostess to close their doors.
  • It is the teachers’ union in New Jersey who have systematically bankrupted that state — until Chris Christie was elected.
  • The Chicago Teachers Union has erased all accountability — and they wonder why students in Chicago are performing so poorly.  
  • In fact, the union workers at SEIU even went on strike against SEIU because they would not agree to concessions requested by SEIU. (SEIU was bailed out by the taxpayers to the tune of $165 billion.)

But liberals will tell you that only unions can get you a higher-paying job, hard work and ambition be damned.

The Protestor

Not just any protestor, the liberals exalted the OWS protestor, the Socialist/Communist protestors in Seattle. Even Obama himself said that he would walk that line with them.

Time Magazine even declared “The Protestor” as their Person of the Year.

But, not every protestor, liberals supported the ones who

Liberals will tell you that these are the finest Americans that you will ever see. Now, on the other hand, the Tea Party is a bunch of illiterate, unintelligent people who have been manipulated by their right-wing masters into obeying their every command.

Too bad the facts don’t support them.

Liberalism — The Root Cause

How many liberals have said that the U.S. Constitution is a flawed document? Obama, Bloomberg… We can compile a list in the comments.

The foundational document for our country must be changed so that liberals can continuing holding everyone else hostage as they attempt to impose this beliefs on everyone else.   The one thing liberals will never tell you is that liberalism is a failure. There is no example of a liberal society that is even working, much less flourishing.

Equal accountability for all members of a society is the only way a society grows and becomes vibrant. These protected classes are no different than anyone else. Their special treatment must end for the good of us all.

It is long past time for this tyranny to end!

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2 Responses to The Protected Classes of Liberals

  1. Excellent article. I completely agree with your list, and would add a few protected ‘liberal’ social sanctuaries to it….including, Feminists, (a dying breed), liberal Black Politicians and trans-gendered individuals, (a sub-set of homosexuals). Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is annoying when they can not even be discussed critically without the proglib culture coming unglued in defense. All your ‘protected classes’ are immune from scrutiny in the MSM, and God forbid, anyone offer even the most tame personal objection to a single one of these groups…..They will be descended upon in a nano-second by people who have no interest in hearing the objection, but preffer to defend that which they are hard-wired to defend. Others opinions and honest feelings, be damned. Yes….an excellent article.

    • Chris in VA says:

      That is the thing. They claim to be open-minded, but I find liberals to be the most myopic, close-minded, insenstive people on the planet. It is either you agree with them or you are stupid, homophobic, or what other derogatory term would apply.

      Equality is a concept that is foriegn to them and would violate their entitlement mentality.

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