Jason Collins

I was thinking that I should come up with a more compelling title, but every liberal media outlet has trumpted this story like it was the second coming of Christ.

Jason Collins, a washed-up 34 year old center who has played on multiple NBA teams announced yesterday that he was gay.

Hate to break it to you, Jason. The players in the NBA already knew. I promise you that you cannot be around people in close quarters from October to April (June if your team made the Finals) without people learning a few things about you. So, you quietly outed yourself to them over the course of your uninspiring playing career.

Now,  people want to make a big deal out of this. Like all of sudden, now that he is out of the closet, he will become the next Bill Russell, Kareem, and Wilt combined. The burden of hiding his “sexuality” has been lifted and he will be the best basketball player ever. That is “myth” that liberals want you to believe.

No, what needs to happen is that he needs to retire. When you average less than 10 minutes a game for the last five years; you are no longer worth the money. You are no longer a contributor to a professional team, and your sexuality will become a media sideshow that will kill the focus of a team that is either trying to win or a team that is trying to improve.

This is where the liberal extortion plot begins —

Despite reports to the contrary, Jason Collins is not an active player in the NBA. He is a free agent. For the sports illiterate, free agent means he is not playing for any team, but he has not officially retired. He has no contract and his last team let him go because he was no longer a vital piece to the team’s success.

With his “announcement”, the liberal media will crush some poor NBA team with negative coverage once Jason states his preference in a team that he wishes to play for. If he doesn’t state a preference, then the NBA, as a whole, will suffer the liberal backlash of not signing an openly gay player.

So, it’s a case of — you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

Jason Collins is probably a nice guy. I don’t know because I have never met him. Is he a basketball player worthy of another contract? Absolutely not.

So, should Jason be celebrated? No. Should he be condemned? No. Should he be ignored? Yes, because he is no longer a professional athlete who made a difference in the success of a team.

His sexuality changes nothing.

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