The Boston Marathon Bombing #2

They’re Muslim…they’re terrorists…they are MUSLIM TERRORISTS. There I said it and I don’t care if I offended your sensibilities. Sometimes the truth hurts — now deal with it.

(Remember what I posted before — Islam is the only religion where violence and murder is OK with them. So, to the Islam world, these two are true heroes of the faith.)

It seems that the gut reaction of the majority of Americans to the bombings was correct after all. These two suspects were Muslims who came to this country about ten years ago from Chechyna.

As is becoming more commonplace in this age of “political correctness” because there would be no societal pressure to do so, these two Muslim terrorists never assimilated into the American culture. As Fox News reports, the older terrorist never “understood” Americans and didn’t have “a single American friend.”

I am waiting for the liberal blogs to start spinning this as “Americans deserved this” for their rude and insensitive treatment of Muslims. Or as one picture circulating on Facebook put it



But I digress…

Reality needs to start settling in for people. Following Muslims for potential terrorist activities should no longer be considered profiling. The group has too long a track record of violence — which includes killing other Muslims — for them to be upset that they are being singled out. Sorry, but that ship has sailed a long time ago. (The link is only a partial list.)

Now, one can only hope that this manhunt ends quickly today and this second Muslim terrorist is captured and/or killed.

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One Response to The Boston Marathon Bombing #2

  1. Chris in VA says:

    The second terrorist has been taken into custody. Let’s see how quickly the rhetoric goes back to blaming the NRA for the fact that it took four days to capture him.

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