The Boston Marathon Bombing

What a day to start a blog on!

The second terrorist attack to take place on American soil since Obama has been president occurred yesterday. (To those who may read this and think that I am being hasty in calling this a terrorist attack, you need to think about what actually happened.)

The intent of this attack is clear to anyone who watches the video. After the first bomb explodes, the easiest way to get away from the explosion is to run up the course away from the first explosion towards the second explosion that occurred roughly fifteen seconds later.

The perpetrator of this event intended on either killing as many as possible or causing as many casualties as possible. They are holding a foriegn Saudi national as a person of interest at this time — even searching his apartment in the overnight hours.

That is where the political correctness needs to end.

Obama refused to label what is clearly a terrorist act — a terrorist act. You can read through the whole text of his official statement and you will not find him using the words: terror, terrorist, terrorism or any word that you would associate with terrorism.

For those who prefer their news via video clip —

This is what it is — a terrorist attack carried out by a Muslim individual or group. Do not be afraid to speak honestly and candidly. (If it later proves to be incorrect, then freely admit such and move on.)

I am simply tired of tap-dancing around Muslims afraid that they might get upset while they kill our soldiers in this country and attack our civilians in the name of jihad. (Islam is the only religion I know of where lying and murdering is actually a good thing and will get you into paradise.)

The time for liberal spin-doctoring is over. Obama should not try to play semantics with this, like he did with the Benghazi attack.

Call it for what it is — A Terrorist Attack on the U.S.

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One Response to The Boston Marathon Bombing

  1. Chris in VA says:

    Thought that I would provide a little more support for calling this a “terrorist attack” — “A source close to the investigation told Fox News that the style of the device used closely resembles that commonly seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

    With this information now available, do you think the President will call it a “terrorist attack?”

    I will not wait for that one since the cause of Benghazi is still because of a YouTube video.

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