“Out of the Shadows”

This has been probably the most overused phrase in the whole immigration debate. We must pass immigration reform to bring “11 million people out of the shadows.”

According to the proponents of immigration reform bill passed by the Senate, these people are being exploited. These people are being victimized because they do not have the protections of citizenship. And the nausea would go on forever if I tried to list all of the platitudes being used.

The one thing that is not being asked is why are these people in the “shadows” in the first place? The answer is simple. These people are criminals. They have broken our immigration laws and these politicians are treating them like they are actual Americans. They are not Americans and they do not deserve the protections of citizenship.

Actual American criminals are stripped of their rights and incarcerated in prisons in this country. Yet, these foreign criminals hold parades in the streets, announce their criminality on television as one news reporter did, and state that they are entitled to welfare, equal pay, and every entitlement granted to Americans.

Is it me or is the entire situation turned upside down?

Then there is the economics of the situation. The proponents claim that legalizing these criminals would raise billions in new revenue through new taxes. (I think that the latest projection was $700 billion.) Really? That has to be that new kind of government math where 0+0 equals $1 trillion give or take a couple hundred billion.

Yet, these idiots…I mean proponents are not realizing what kind of mentality is now pervasive in this society.

The Obama Administration has actively promoted enrolling in Food Stamps as a badge of courage. The Obama Administration has actively promoted enrolling in Food Stamps to Mexicans in Mexico already. This is a FACT and easily proven!!

Yet, the proponents of this insanity think that if we bring 11 million criminals “out of the shadows” that they would work and pay taxes. What planet are they on? We have more Americans on food stamps than at any other point in our history. Bringing 11 million criminals “out of the shadows” will add at a minimum another six million to just the food stamps rolls.Honestly, I think that is a conservative estimate as these 11 million criminals would now be entitled to all benefits provided to actual Americans.

(By the way, where is the money going to come from to pay for another 6 million people in the food stamps program?)

Anyone who disagrees is disconnected from the reality of economics. It only gets worse.

Based on the most recent numbers, the number of people receiving disability benefits from the federal government would constitute the 8th most populous state in the country. Let that thought sink in. There are so many Americans on disability that disability is the 8th most populous state in the country.

And bringing 11 million criminals “out of the shadows” is going to lower that? I am thinking that these proponents live on a planet where it is always “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”

It is the same situation as with food stamps. The same six million criminals who would get food stamps are a sure-fire lock to receive disability. That is reality because even Americans game the situation. Where is the money to pay for this going to come from?

(By the way, what is the additional costs of all government programs due solely to fraud? Easily billions if not coming close to trillions.) Remember immigration reform adds another 11 million to the eligibility rolls for ALL government benefit programs. There will be millions more who will enroll — that is a guaranteed fact. The costs of fraud will also increase.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all entitlements in the federal budget that are automatically funded — with the amount being increased each year. You can now add 11 million criminals to these programs as well which are going bankrupt with just Americans enrolled.

With the disaster known as Obamacare soon to be implemented, you can add 11 million criminals to this as well.

Hmmm…what else can we add these 11 million criminals to? These are just on the federal level only grouped by category.

  • Child Care/Child Support — 75 different benefits available
  • Counseling — 29 benefits available
  • Disaster Relief — 24 benefits
  • Education/Training — 75 benefits
  • Employment/Career Development Assistance — 119 benefits
  • Energy Assistance — 105 benefits
  • Grants/Scholarships/Fellowships — 69 benefits
  • HIV/AIDS — 34 benefits
  • Housing — 52 benefits
  • Living Assistance — 68 benefits
  • Loan/Loan Repayment — 51 benefits
  • Military: Active Duty and Veterans — 77 benefits
  • Tax Assistance — 18 benefits

This is not repeating any of the ones that I had previously mentioned. Reality check people — none of what I have written is politically motivated. It is simple FACT.

Immigration reform will add 11 million criminals to the eligibility rolls for every single benefit listed above. That is a fact. They have already demonstrated clear criminal behavior — to think that they will not take advantage of these benefits is clearly delusional thinking.

There is even a federal government website to help determine eligibility for federal benefit programs. (I am not providing a direct link to the website solely based on principle, but it took me less than a minute to locate it.)

The proponents of the immigration reform bill that has just passed the Senate claim that country will actually increase revenue. The reality is that our national debt will skyrocket to over $20 trillion by 2020 easily — and I don’t work for the CBO  and can guarantee that.

This is a political stunt to try and persuade 11 million criminals to vote for them. Wonder what will happen when there is another 11 million who cross over the border illegally and then demand the same benefits as Americans — and the 11 million criminals who we legalized through amnesty.

Criminals should never be allowed “out of the shadows.” These criminals should be kicked out of the country permanently.

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6 Responses to “Out of the Shadows”

  1. Basharr says:

    Great post, here is an interesting “True” story. My wife has a sore throat so I took her up to the clinic today as we could not get in to see our doctor. Naturally there is paperwork to fill out. There is a disclaimer in small print my wife points out to me. “this clinic will share any and all information should it be requested by the NSA.” They don’t give you a copy of the paper either so on Monday I am going up with a stomach ache to get a copy of the paper, I will suddenly feel better and leave.

    Now I imagine that they have been sharing undercover but due to the current scandals I think they probably brought this practice out of the shadows.

    Back to your post I agree with your final statement wholeheartedly. you would have to scower my blog but I have stats of crimes related to illegal aliens…like 90% of Los Angeles’ outstanding murder warrants are for illegals who have fled back to Mexico to avoid prosecution.

    • Chris in VA says:


      The scary part of what you said about the small print. Like most people, I usually overlook that. Now, I probably need to start reading it to see who is doing what.

      I will look at your blog and post a link here to support the point I was making here.

      • Basharr says:

        Cool, I too have to make changes as I often overlook the small print. I want to know now what I may have been overlooking.

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